New Full Time NQF 5 Classes opening in 2023

Structure of curriculum for Occupational Certificate: Christian Religious ProfessionalQCTO Code 101571 NQF5 - 237 credits

The curriculum has three outcomes: Knowledge components, Practical skills components, Workplace experience components. Students will be expected to complete all three outcomes. Students must complete all the assignments, which will be sent for moderation. Students will have to do an external summative assessment (EISA) after completing the curriculum. Revival BI and ETS will submit the statement of results to QCTO and after successful completion of the course submit such students to write the external exam that will lead to a qualification.

Students may also affiliate with the Association of Christian Religious Practitioners (ACRP). On condition of prior training and ministry experience ACRP may award a designation to a student.

This program can be completed in your own time, but not in less than two years except if there are grounds for RPL.

Selections from this program are possible, but all the modules must be completed to qualify for the external summative assessment.

Entry-level requirements: Grade 12

Modules you will cover:

Essentials and characteristics of religious practitioners. 

Hermeneutical process on New Testament Letters

Basic Christian Concepts

Christian ethics 

History of the church and an overview of a variety of Christian traditions.

Principles of building the faith community. 

Principles of preaching 

Principles of conducting services 

Spiritual formation, life skills training and value system development 

Principles of pastoral counselling in a Christian context

Principles of Church leadership and ministry management 

Principles of Church leadership and ministry management 

Church administration, accountability and financial management


13 Modules

2 years

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All 13 modules are offered on campus,. focusing on Theory, Practical, implementation and integration into ministry full time ministry.

All our programmes are accredited by the Council on Higher Education, the Education and Training Quality Assurer of the South African Qualifications Authority, and are registered by the Department of Higher Education and Training.

Affordable learning with printed resources. Affordable learning with printed resources. 

Fees for 2023: 

Monthly Fee: R1300
Total for first year: R13 000
*Class fees may be increased in the next financial year


The curriculum has three outcomes: 

1. Knowledge components

2. Practical skills components

3. Workplace experience components.

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You can enrol at Revival Bible Institute full time training. by emailing