I. Course Description:

This course will give you a biblical understanding of the ministry of Deliverance as well as the need for deliverance.

II. Course Objective:

• The teachings found in this manual will help you become aware of the existence of the deliverance ministry in the church and their need to be ministered deliverance.
• You will understand that deliverance is a gift from God; it is the children’s bread.
• You will learn what areas in your life needs deliverance.
• You will discover what demonic spirits attack the church most often.
• You will become more awareness of demonic activity and learn how to confront it.

III. Textbooks & Study Aids:

1. NKJV Bible
2. Supernatural Deliverance: Freedom for your Soul, Mind and Emotions - G Maldonado (reading assessment Chapters 5-10)

IV. Course Requirements:

1. Attend online or in person an Inner healing and Deliverance retreat.
2. Become familiar with the course syllabus.
3. Listen carefully to each lesson, taking thorough notes.
4. Complete the reading assignment.
5. Successfully complete a final exam.
6. A student is not allowed to pass the course without fully completing the required reading.

V. Grading:

1. Reading assignment will account for 25% of the final grade.
2. Class notes will account for 25% of your final grade (Notes should be typed uploaded
3. Final exam will account for 50% of the final grade.