Part Time unaccredited classes

Revival Bible Institute was created for the purpose of teaching, equipping, and training Christian leaders for a life of service to our Lord Jesus Christ, whether at church or in the secular world. God called this Institute into existence to help the local church train servants for every good work as they live supernaturally through the gifts given by the Holy Spirit. It is for this reason that the administration, faculty, personnel, and volunteers are dedicated to training those who will serve in global evangelism. The certificates granted by this institution are mainly designed for religious vocation.

Overview of the part times subjects

Choose a pricing option to fit your budget

A student may make one full payment of R6550. This must be before the end of February.

 (1 payment of R6550 incl. registration fee) 

A student may pay per term R1520.00. This must be paid before the first week of the new term.       

(4 payments of R1520)



A student may pay a Monthly fee of R550.00 on or before the 25th of each month. 

(11 payments of R550)